Paving the Way, Workmen Install Tributes on the Alumni Walk In Front of Library

Brick paver purchased by Barbara Boxer (née Levy), '62, U.S. Senator from California.

May 24, 2002   Brick by brick, alumni are returning to the Brooklyn College campus. As part of the $72 million renovation of the Brooklyn College Library, more than three hundred bricks inscribed with messages from former students are being placed on the Alumni Walk, a shady promenade connecting the beloved Lily Pond with the restored La Guardia Hall entrance to the library. The project, started by the Office of Alumni Affairs, lets graduates (and their friends and family) place a lasting tribute on the walkway in the most scenic part of campus.

    Many of the messages list only the names and the graduation years of the donors. Some are a little more elaborate. Director Joel Zwick, '62, whose film My Big Fat Greek Wedding premiered April 19, purchased two bricks—-one with the message "THE FUTURE IS NOW—-LIVE IT!" and the other "DARE TO DREAM." Bev Berger, '68, advised future students at Brooklyn College that "LEARNING IS LIFE," Dr. S. Lieblum, '65, cautioned them to "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED," and retired professor Helene Sloan, '48, offered the Delphic inscription "KNOW THYSELF." Another retired professor, Ron Feldman, '60, and his wife Pyllis, '69, used their brick to dub the pavement a "THOUGHTWALK," while Meri Seinfeld Goodman, '64, wants people who tread upon her brick to "WALK PROUDLY." In a more nostalgic vein, Hal Schaffer, '56, uses his brick to repeat the '60s slogan "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR."

    Some couples used their bricks to commemorate the start of their relationship, and give inspiration to other young lovers. Robert and Helene Markman ('64 and '65) marked their spot with "1962 OUR LOVE BLOOMED HERE." Mel and Elaine Barlin (also '64 and '65) proudly assert that "WE MET HERE," while Leon and Sylvia Deutsch (both '46) proclaim "HERE WE BEGAN."

A worker cements the bricks into the Alumni Walk.

     Many alumni commemorate their experience of going to Brooklyn College, like Harriet Kaner Seligson, '45, whose brick reads "TEACHER THANKS," while Roz Shaw, '64, remarks on her "GREAT EDUCATION!" (one that Sarah Leeman, '45, contends "WASN'T EASY"). Professors Lou Sattler, Zhen Huang, Charlene L. Forest and Lesley Davenport are honored with bricks on the path, as are dozens of parents and departed classmates.

    For more information on how you can make a lasting contribution to Brooklyn College, contact the Brooklyn College Foundation, 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889, call the office during normal business hours at (718) 951-5074, or visit their Webpage.



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