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Basic Profile

First Name:
Brett F.
Last Name: Branco
Title: Assistant Professor
Biography statement:
Brett Branco began his academic career learning about the science of coastal environments and the integration of this science into public policy and resource management. This lead him to pursue a doctoral degree and expand his scientific interests in marine science and limnology. After a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Western Australia, he came to Brooklyn College so he could study the local urban waters of Brooklyn and its surroundings.
Area(s) of expertise:
Branco is interested in the dynamic interactions between physics, biology and chemistry in shallow aquatic environments. He has worked on the impacts of daily stratification and mixing on biogeochemical cycles in shallow lakes; the interactions between submerged canopies and hydrodynamics; and the coupling between sediments and the water column. His interests take him wherever there are interesting water quality or ecological issues associated with dynamic shallow waters.

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