Multimedia Computing, B.S.

School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Program Overview

As a student in the multimedia computing program, you will develop computing skills specifically for use in developing and maintaining multimedia software. You’ll learn how to create digital content with 2D and 3D animation, and audio and video material. You will also learn how to develop web pages and design user interfaces. If you are looking to enter a cutting-edge, creative career, the Bachelor of Science in multimedia computing is for you.

Multimedia Computing, B.S.

Where You'll Go

Multimedia computing majors go on to work in a variety of fields, including animation, video editing, graphic design, and game development.

Major Details

The program information listed here reflects the approved curriculum for the 2023-2024 academic year per the Brooklyn College Bulletin. Bulletins from past academic years can be found here.

Major Description

This program trains specialists in developing and maintaining multimedia software. The program includes basic computing background, mathematical training especially geared to multimedia design and production, specific courses in multimedia computing, and courses in digital arts.

Major Requirements (55–67 Credits)

A student excused, without credit, from a course may not take the course for credit later, except with permission of the chair.

The department chair, with the approval of the chair of the department’s undergraduate curriculum committee, may allow substitutions for one or more of these requirements consistent with the educational goals of the program.

All of the following: Computer and Information Science 1115 or 1170, 1600, 2210, 2820W, 3115, 3130, 3220, 3620, 3630, and 4900 or 5001.

All of the following: Mathematics 1006 and one of Mathematics 1011 or Mathematics 1012. Completion of some or all of these courses may be waived conditional on the outcome of appropriate placement exams. Mathematics 1201, 1711 or 1206, 1716 or 2501. One of the following: Computer and Information Science 3650 or 3660 or 3665 or 3667.

Three additional courses chosen from the following: Computer and Information Science 3140, 3142, 3410, 3415, 3610, 3650, 3660, 3665, 3667, 3810, 4610.

Two courses chosen from among the following: Art 2811, 2812, 3812, 2820, 2821; Music 3260, 3261, 3262, 3264 (or CISC 2600), 3322; Film 1201, 2701; Television, Radio & Emerging Media 2420, 3861, 3871, 3951.

Additional Requirements

Candidates for a B.S. degree with a major in computer science (including computational mathematics and multimedia computing) must complete at least 60 credits in science and mathematics, 24 of which must be completed in advanced courses numbered 2000 and above in the Department of Computer and Information Science. For the B.S. degree in computational mathematics, these 24 credits must be in the Department of Computer and Information Science and/or the Department of Mathematics. These 24 credits must be completed at Brooklyn College with a grade of C or higher in each course. Specific course requirements for B.S. degrees in the department are described above. The following courses may be applied toward the 60 credits in science and mathematics:

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding different forms of media and their digital representations
  • Knowledge of computer methods and tools for processing, recognizing, and creating different media
  • Knowledge of multimedia encoding and compression
  • Ability to identify trade-offs in space and creation time among various forms of multimedia
  • Understanding of hardware mechanisms for storing and generating multimedia, and hardware-software interfaces
  • Knowledge of human-multimedia and human-computer interfaces

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Internships and Employers

Through job fairs, the internship database, and internship panels, the Magner Career Center gives students in the multimedia computing B.S. program access to career opportunities at a wide variety of employers, including:

  • Aerospike
  • Amazon
  • Apollo Theater
  • ATT
  • Bloomberg
  • Espii Studios
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Healthfirst
  • IBM
  • IMCC
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • New York City
  • Ombligo
  • Spark451, Inc.
  • Verizon
  • WarnerMedia
  • Yale University

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