Incoming First-Year Students

Your first year of college is an important one, so Brooklyn College strives to help you make the most of it through our First College Year program. Whether you’ve already decided on a major or need more time weighing your options, we have an attentive admissions team to help answer questions about admissions requirements, financial aid, scholarships, and campus visits. The top reasons you should apply to Brooklyn College are:

  • Prestigious (Affordable) Degrees + Prominent Professors: Our faculty (your future mentors) are the top scholars in their fields.
  • Great Salaries + Low (to No) Debt: We rank no. 9 among colleges nationwide for graduates who quickly climb the socioeconomic ladder, and our students complete their degrees with one-third the debt of the average American college student.
  • Small College Feel + Big City Options: Our close community of professors, staff, and counselors offer personal guidance while our internship programs allow real-life job exposure to almost any career path in New York City.
  • Flexibility + Choices: You have busy lives and lots of interests, so we offer hundreds of majors and minors with classes both online and in person at convenient times.
  • Accelerated Pre-Professional Programs: Our renowned pre-med, pre-law, and pre-engineering preparation is why many students pursue advanced degrees and get into the country’s top medical, law, and engineering schools.

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