Magner Career Center

Your future career starts here

With the support of the Magner Career Center, you’ll have the connections, skills, and opportunities to start the career you’ve worked so hard for. Through job fairs, workshops, and other internship resources, you’ll be connected to countless career opportunities across New York City and the world.

Programs and Services to Help Get You There

Stipends for internships
Every year, Magner Career Center awards close to 100 students with over $100,000 in stipends to fund their unpaid career experiences. Available to both undergraduate and graduate students, these stipends help provide greater flexibility and freedom in choosing internship opportunities.

Access to employers
We’ve partnered with hundreds of different companies to give you unique opportunities to pursue your career goals. These employers are looking for candidates with the skills, experience, and perspectives that graduates of Brooklyn College bring.

Career Videos
We’ve created a series of helpful videos to give you a better understanding of career opportunities. These short videos will show you what’s out there, help you explore your options, and offer expert advice and techniques for finding your dream career.

Passionate career coaches
Our career coaches help you meet your career goals by outlining the steps to enable you to plan and prepare for your career. Mock interviews help you prepare for the real thing, and our coaches will advise you on how to improve your performance.

Successful alumni
Meet with successful Brooklyn College alumni who are working in your career field to get guidance, advice, and support. It’s your chance to get insider information about an industry or specific company, and gain an understanding of the work environment, skills needed, or potential opportunities.

Company visits
Learn first-hand about a profession you’re interested in by visiting a company’s office for yourself. Past visits have been to companies such as Bloomberg, Deloitte, DKNY, EY, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Yelp.

Workshops and panels
A career-skills workshop will help you identify and develop the skills necessary to find a workshop you’ll like. And through an employer panel or networking event, you’ll meet experienced professionals and alumni in your field.

Special programs and resources
You’ll have access to specific resources for your unique situation, or for the industry or career field you’re most interested in. With programs such as the Tech Talent Pipeline, CUNY Leads, and Future in Finance, the Magner Career Center will help connect you with what you need to find success.

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