Provost's Office for Faculty and Administration

The Provost’s Office for Faculty and Administration serves the faculty, departments, and programs of Brooklyn College by providing administrative support and guidance for department and college administration, faculty and laboratory technician personnel processes, and faculty professional development.

Who Are We?

Our office’s primary areas of responsibility include:

  • oversight of faculty personnel processes—including full-time faculty and laboratory technician reappointment, promotion and tenure, leaves, and multiple positions;
  • guidance and support for academic department administration—including faculty workload reporting, education, interpretation, communication, and compliance with college and university governance documents, policy, and with the collective bargaining agreement;
  • faculty professional development—including the administration of the Roberta S. Matthews Center for Teaching and Learning, orientation of new faculty and newly elected department chairs, and professional development workshops and events; and
  • serving as a resource for faculty, department chairs, and the administration on college and university governance.

Contact Information

3227 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5024
The Provost’s Office for Faculty and Administration is open Monday through Friday.

James T. Eaton
Associate Dean of Faculty and Administration

Vanessa King
Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment Coordinator

Wing Ka (Lucy) Chow
Academic Faculty Workload Specialist

Alison Bishop
Administrative Executive Coordinator

Helen Brereton
CUNY Administrative Assistant

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