BC Bound: High School Equivalency to Degree Program

BC Bound is a program that allows qualified, driven students who have earned their GED or TASC high school equivalency certification to enter Brooklyn College as full-time freshmen. The rigorous program includes tutoring, special courses, workshops, dedicated staff, and events to help students succeed in an environment of higher education.

BC Bound classes run Mondays through Fridays, typically 9:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Students are enrolled in a 12-credit learning community specially designed to ease their transition into Brooklyn College. Class sizes remain small so that professors can provide individual attention and that you get a chance to connect with other students.

To continue at Brooklyn College after the first semester, you will need to pass English, math, and a freshman seminar focusing on academic and socioemotional support to prepare for your first term at Brooklyn College. You must also maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00 or better to remain at Brooklyn College. If you do not earn the grade of C or better in at least English or math, you may be advised to consider attending another college.

BC Bound is funded by the CUNY Black Male Initiative (CUNY BMI). All programs and activities by CUNY BMI are open to all academically eligible students, staff, and faculty without regard to race, gender, national origin, or other characteristics.

Is BC Bound Right for You?

Are you:

  • highly motivated?
  • able to commit to a full-time, day program?
  • able to attend all pre-semester events?

Have you:

  • earned a GED/TASC or other high school equivalency certification?
  • met with a BC Bound staff member for an interview and follow-up academic assessment?

The students in our program range in age from 18 to 60. They come from diverse backgrounds, and many are first in their family to attend college. They have a variety of interests, including fine arts, pre-law, pre-med, theological studies, computer programming, and political science.

How to Apply

E-mail us to schedule an interview with one of our team members.

Sign up for an information session.

The Program

As a full-time student, you will be enrolled in the 12-credit BC Bound Learning Community. The curriculum for the Learning Community consists of the following:

  1. Elementary Algebra (MATH): 3 credits. This math class is a required general education Pathways course. This math class is a flexible option relevant to most majors offered at Brooklyn College.
  2. English Composition (ENGL): 3 credits. This class is required for all first-semester Brooklyn College students. The BC Bound section helps you get comfortable expressing your thoughts and opinions at the college level.
  3. Bi-weekly Academic Workshops: Foundations is a class that helps you learn both what it means to be a good student (study habits, test-taking skills, time management) and how to familiarize yourself with the resources at Brooklyn College.
  4. Bi-weekly Socio-emotional Workshops with the Social Work Interns: Each week, you required to meet with the BC Bound interns. These workshops give you a chance to go in depth with topics such as stress management, interpersonal skills, and time management, and give you an opportunity to bring up your own topics for discussion.
  5. General Education: 3 credits. Brooklyn College is well-known for its general education curriculum that provides you with a broad background in the liberal arts and sciences. For the first semester, you are assigned a general education class that fulfills the college’s requirements.
  6. Elective: 3 credits. You may choose an elective in your intended major or use this as an opportunity to explore a topic or activity you wish to learn more about. Electives cover a variety of areas, such as diverse as women’s studies, swimming, visual arts, and mass media.
  7. Tutoring: You are required to do at least 20 hours of tutoring over the course of a semester. To facilitate that, tutoring periods are included in the weekly class schedule.

Resources and Services

What are the exclusive resources for BC Bound students?

  • Thorough and Comprehensive Orientation: Pre-Orientation is a required pre-semester event designed to help you transition to life at Brooklyn College.
  • BC Bound Academic Advising: BC Bound has its own academic adviser assigned to work one-on-one with you to guide you through registration, course requirements, and thinking about a major. You are required to meet with the academic adviser three times per semester.
  • Targeted Tutoring: BC Bound has a dedicated tutor who is assigned to meet with the group weekly. Other tutors are assigned as needed for groups and individuals.
  • BC Bound Interns: Social-work interns are assigned to work with BC Bound students. The interns coordinate with on- and off-campus services to help connect you to resources ranging from veterans affairs to legal services. You are required to meet with the interns individually on a monthly basis and are welcome to meet with them for ongoing individual and group counseling as requested. The interns also run the bi-weekly workshops as part of the BC Bound Curriculum.
  • Peer Mentoring: A peer mentor is assigned to the BC Bound Learning Community to offer guidance from an experienced student’s perspective.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, contact:

Richard Vento, Director, Learning Center
1300 Boylan Hall
E: RVento@brooklyn.cuny.edu
E: bcbound@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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