Transfer Credits

The Transfer Evaluations Office is responsible for processing all transfer credits for courses taken prior to attending Brooklyn College for both freshman and transfer undergraduate students.

If you take a course for credit at an undergraduate CUNY college with a passing grade of D- or higher, it will be accepted for credit at Brooklyn College, regardless of whether a specific equivalency exists. If your course does not have an equivalent, elective credits will be granted.

You can also receive credits for courses taken at non-CUNY institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting commissions or by the New York State Board of Regents. All credits will be granted for credit-bearing courses that have met the grade requirement of C- or higher. If your course does not have an equivalent, elective credit may be granted. Exclusions may apply if you want to apply Brooklyn College courses toward an associate degree. You may be required to provide official course descriptions and/or a course syllabus to the department evaluator for review within the first semester of attendance. If you do not submit the necessary documentation, you may lose the transfer credits. If a description/syllabus is not in English, it should be translated by an official translation agency and submitted to the academic department along with the transcript in the original language.

If you have transfer credit from a non-CUNY institution that you did not list on the admissions application, the transfer credit may be denied. In addition, failure to list all postsecondary institutions attended on your application will subject you to disciplinary action and a review of the admission decision. You are required to provide official copies of transcripts for every institution attended, including a transcript(s) for course work that was in progress at the time of application. As soon as your “in progress” courses are completed, you must submit a final transcript to the Transfer Evaluation Office at Brooklyn College.

You cannot earn credit twice for the same originating course. If you send in two courses that are equivalent to the same Brooklyn College course, one course will be converted to elective credit.

If you took a course as pass/fail at another institution, your official transcript must state that the passing grade equals a C- or better for transfer credit to be considered. You must send all final official transcripts to the Transfer Evaluations Office so it can complete a final transfer credit evaluation.

You can earn academic credits for any score of three or higher on any Advanced Placement (AP) examination. The college, in consultation with faculty in the corresponding discipline, can evaluate your AP course as equivalent to a specific course, fulfilling a general education requirement or as elective credits. Faculty or the appropriate academic department will award credit differently based upon the score earned on the exam.

Learn more about CUNY transfer credit and obtain information on transfer credits between Brooklyn College and other CUNY colleges.

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