Brooklyn College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation

The Brooklyn College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation (BCAEC) is a separately incorporated not-for-profit entity (501(c)3) related to Brooklyn College and organized for the sole purpose of supporting the college and its students, staff, and faculty as well as helping the campus community realize the goals as outlined by the college’s strategic plan.

The City University of New York’s Manual of General Policy describes Auxiliary Enterprises Corporations (“Auxiliaries” or “AECs”) as follows: “These are separately incorporated tax-exempt entities that support the colleges by providing non-instructional auxiliary services. Examples of auxiliary services include: food service, catering and vending operations; “pouring rights” contracts; bookstores; printing shops; student housing; sports, health and recreation facilities; parking operations; shuttle buses; and performing arts centers. Auxiliaries provide auxiliary services through: (i) direct operation (e.g., child care centers), (ii) subcontracts with other vendors (e.g., transportation services), and (iii) by acting as a college’s fiscal agent in connection with a college or University contract or facility (e.g., pouring rights, theater operations) or asset licensing program (e.g., short-term facility use, trademarks). Auxiliary funds include royalties, commissions, and other payments received through their contracts with vendors, licensees, and others. The Auxiliaries use these funds pursuant to their board-approved budgets to support their operations, directly support college activities, and provide discretionary support for the college or the college president.” (Policy 3.04—Non-Tax Levy Funds)

At Brooklyn College, our Auxiliary holds fiscal responsibility for:

  • Parking services
  • Food vendor contracts (cafeteria, vending machines)
  • Online bookstore
  • ATMs on campus
  • Space rentals

Here you will find information about the corporation, including our mission statement, board membership, board meeting minutes, and current financial documents.

Contact Information

245 West End Building
P: 718.951.5000, ext. 5272

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