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Katherine Miranda

Art, B.F.A.; Macaulay Honors College | 2020


Artist, Bronx, New York

Drawing from Mexican, Puerto Rican, and American heritage, Katherine Miranda uses discarded everyday objects—Café Bustelo coffee packaging, old hoop earrings, letters from their grandfather—to create work that acts as “a reflection, an investigation, and an homage to my history and ancestry.

“So far, I am the most proud of my first solo exhibition, I Answer Back, which was created as the culmination of my New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellowship with Wave Hill,” says Miranda. The mixed-media installation draws from and pays homage to Miranda’s familial and ancestral histories.

While working toward a B.F.A., they received encouragement from several professors and faculty members who took time out to offer support. “Professors Patricia Cronin, Eto Otitigbe, Steven Keltner, and Derrick Adams—each contributed to my final thesis project and the direction I am pursuing now as an artist,” Miranda says. “I am grateful to them and Professor Tamara Kostianovsky for doing their best to adjust their curriculum and be supportive of our projects even through quarantine.”

The Bronx native is now an Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Fellow with the Bronx Museum, which, among other things, gives fellows the opportunity to show their work in the museum’s AIM Biennial exhibition.

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