Curriculum Committee

The role of the Curriculum Committee is to engage in all aspects of curricular development, to discuss and approve proposed changes to the undergraduate anthropology curriculum, and to review general guidelines that impact anthropology instruction and pedagogy. All of the committee’s efforts are guided by a commitment to diversity and anti-racism.

The functions of the committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • reviewing and updating degree requirements;
  • reviewing proposals for new courses and special topics courses;
  • reviewing and approving changes in existing courses, including changes in name, description, course organization, and curricular content; and
  • recommending course and curricular changes to the department.

The Curriculum Committee meets every month to discuss curriculum-related topics and to vote on any proposed changes prior to presenting such curricular changes for approval to the rest of the anthropology faculty at the department’s monthly meetings. Anything approved is then submitted to the Faculty Council Committee for Undergraduate Curriculum and Degree Requirements (CUCDR), which reviews it. Once passed by the CUCDR, proposed changes are voted on by Faculty Council, and then integrated into the next eligible Bulletin.

Committee Members

The committee consists of full-time faculty representing all four fields of anthropology, adjunct faculty, and students majoring in anthropology. Meetings are generally open so that interested faculty and students may attend. The current members of the committee are:

Full-Time Faculty

  • Shahrina Chowdhury—Committee Chair, biological anthropology
  • Patricia Antoniello—Department Chair, sociocultural anthropology
  • Kelly Britt, archaeology
  • Rhea Rahman, sociocultural anthropology

Adjunct Faculty

  • Mikey Elster, sociocultural anthropology
  • Anthony Harb, linguistic anthropology


  • Isabel Cruz
  • Emily Villavicencio


For questions or suggestions, send an e-mail.

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