Anti-Racism Initiative

Brooklyn College’s Commitment

Coming to terms with racial inequalities and taking action on historical injustices is not only part of our mission, but is a strategic priority at Brooklyn College and one in which success depends on sustained engagement and contributions from every person in our community. The Anti-Racism Initiative at Brooklyn College encompasses the collective work that happens every day to ensure that we are living up to our mission. This work has occurred and continues to occur in many forms and by several groups across the campus. Here, we will showcase the progress toward implementing that agenda while also following some of the many projects and other ways that we continue to work together to form a more inclusive institution.

Campus Resources And Contacts

Brooklyn College has many resources available to support a safe campus environment, free of discrimination.

Resources for Faculty
The Roberta S. Matthews Center for Teaching and Learning has developed a list of resources for inclusive and anti-racist pedagogy.

Anti-Racism Initiative Feedback

We want to hear from you. Send a message to the anti-racism implementation team.

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