To facilitate communication, when you reach out to anyone in the Art Department, include your EMPL ID so that we can access your records easily. Please also consult the FAQ at the end of this document; some questions may not need an adviser.

Undergraduate Advisers

While you can come to any of us to ask questions, the particular areas of specialty are indicated.

B.F.A. Program

M.A. Art History

M.F.A. Program


Transfer Evaluations

Art Office Staff

Contact Information and Office Hours

Contact E-mail Office Hours
Assistant Professor Derrick Adams E-mail for appointment
Professor Jennifer Ball E-mail for appointment, or Mondays, 10–11 a.m. via Zoom
Meeting ID: 475 316 6517
Passcode: 791074
Associate Professor Georgeen Comerford E-mail for appointment
Professor Mona Hadler, Chair E-mail for appointment
Professor Ronaldo Kiel Wednesdays, 10 a.m. via Zoom
Meeting ID: 979 5644 1356
Assistant Professor Eto Otitigbe E-mail for appointment
Assistant Professor Doug Schwab E-mail for appointment
Lecturer Malka Simon E-mail for appointment
Elena Shereshevskaya E-mail for appointment
Kathy Smith E-mail for appointment
Elizabeth Vittorioso E-mail for appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no classes available—help!

E-mail the professor of the class(es) you want to take to get an overtally. Overtallies can be granted only by the professor giving the class (not the Art Department staff or advisers). You may have to consider taking a different section than your ideal section. If the professor agrees, e-mail Elizabeth Vittorioso and cc the chair for the permission to be entered.

Where do I find MY professor’s e-mail address?

From the Web Portal, choose Academics/Faculty Profile Search and look up by last name. Elizabeth Vittorioso might be able to provide alternate e-mails for instructors if you do not receive an answer.

A Professor gave me an overtally. How do I register?

Forward the e-mail permission to Elizabeth Vittorioso with your EMPL ID. She will grant the overtally and then you can register.

When I try to register for a class, it says I need permission from the department. what do i do?

Check the following:

  • Is it the appropriate section of the class for your level—graduate or undergraduate? (Graduate classes begin with the number 7, so an undergraduate student will not be able to register for a graduate class.)
  • Is it an independent study class (ARTD 5150, 5151) or internship (ARTD 4264, 4920)? These require you to have made an arrangement with a faculty member in advance (see below) or to have received an internship and had it approved by Lecturer Malka Simon (see below). If you have done this, then Elizabeth Vittorioso will give permission for you to register after you fill out some paperwork.
  • You have taken the course at a previous college. Don’t take the same course twice!

If none of these is the explanation, reach out to an adviser.

I want to take the internship course. what is that and how do I do it?

The Internship course is not a course with us; it is just a mechanism for receiving course credit for an internship that you do outside of Brooklyn College. You need to find, apply for, and be accepted for the internship yourself, then get the internship approved by Malka Simon, who will instruct you in final details for receiving course credit.

I want to do an independent study. how do I sign up for this?

You need to first get a faculty member to supervise your independent work. You need to pitch an idea for independent work to a faculty member. If approved, you will fill out paperwork, to be signed by both the faculty member and the chair. The chair approves all independent studies. Please do not consider independent study if you have not taken the courses in the area. Independent study is designed for advanced work with a professor with whom you have worked.

I will be graduating soon. What should I do to get ready?

You should apply for graduation (on the portal), which will trigger an audit, before you begin your last semester, at the latest, or preferably your final year. This will highlight any issues in completing requirements and give you time to complete them.

I have an issue with my professor, a staff member, or a fellow student. What should I do?

Speak to an adviser or the chair, who can advise you depending on the nature of your problem. You may speak to a trusted professor who is not an adviser as well, and we will figure out the best course of action.

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