For Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, digital art has been a huge catalyst in the popular imagination surrounding “crypto” art. Together, they have stewarded this new art form and been the subjects of numerous articles and interviews, including Brooklyn College Magazine, NFTs, Storytelling, and the Future of Art and Professor Redefines What It Means to Be an Art Patron, each that have sought to understand this new art frontier.

In November, the McCoys were featured in the PBS Nova program Crypto Decoded but are quick to note that while they were the only artists highlighted, many artists have pioneered interesting innovations in how digital art can circulate in the marketplace.

“I am encouraged that digital artists are still doing incredible projects in this space,” Jennifer said. “I am less interested in NFT’s as collectibles and more interested in experimental propositions within the technology.”

Currently, Jennifer teaches a video art class for undergraduate and a graduate thesis seminar for performance and interactive media art students. She will be co-directing the PIMA program from the fall 2023 semester forward.

Jennifer and her husband, Kevin, an associate professor of art and art education at NYU, are currently producing two projects in their studio in collaboration with NFT platforms. In the coming year, they are working with Artwrld, a production company founded by a former curator at New York’s Creative Time and an international group called Snarkart.