When senior Jodi-Ann Donegal first came to Brooklyn College, she was taking some prerequisites courses in preparation to become a nurse.

“I felt as though it was secure and highly influenced by mom,” says the Jamaican native.

Eventually, she decided to pursue her passion. She decided to major in film production and has not looked back.

For her senior thesis project, she returned to her hometown of Westchester Portmore to create a short film. She says that other parts of her college career, like filming poetry with her film student peers and interning at an independent foreign film festival, were experiences she will never forget.

“I have grown in different aspects of creativity, and I was pushed to develop my individuality to a limit I wasn’t aware of,” she says.

After graduating, she plans to travel and explore other forms of visual art.

“Brooklyn College has helped my career because it gave me time and various opportunities and classes that served as guidance to help me to narrow down a path I want to take creatively.”