Waleed Bedour

M.F.A. in cinema arts – directing, born in Cairo, Egypt

BC: Why did you choose Brooklyn College?

WB: The program offered by the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema sets Brooklyn College apart from other schools, many of which offer an M.F.A. in general film production. The Feirstein program was more track oriented, and I was interested in earning an M.F.A. in directing specifically.

BC: What are some highlights of your Brooklyn College career?

WB: Shooting my projects has been a major highlight. I shot my second-year film a couple of weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown. It was a great overnight shoot with more than 40 people involved between cast and crew, all squeezed into a medium-sized restaurant. Almost a year after, I was shooting my thesis with COVID restrictions. Only 10 people, including cast, were present, and it was shot in upstate New York on a snowy farm. The juxtaposition between the two shoots was so profound and showed me that with persistence and hard work, everything is possible.

BC: What is your favorite place on the Feirstein campus?

WB: The Equipment Room. It was the best place to hang around, learn a lot, and gain experience with some top equipment. It helped a lot.

BC: What are you doing after graduation?

WB: I plan to start working on development for my feature film. Meeting a lot of great industry leaders in film festival labs through classes was very helpful. It showed me how to present my projects in a way that elevates its chances of being made. Additionally, I am planning to shadow other directors, and I’m hoping that I can accomplish that through the connections I’ve made through Brooklyn College.