Julia Goodheart

M.A. in political science, international affairs and global justice, born in Marine Park, Brooklyn

BC: Why did you come to Brooklyn College?

JG: I knew I wanted to pursue a master’s degree, but I also wanted to stay close to home after having gone away to school for my bachelor’s degree. I knew Brooklyn College had great programs to choose from, and the international affairs program sounded right up my alley, so the decision was easy for me.

BC: What are some highlights of your Brooklyn College career?

JG: I had the opportunity to take such interesting classes in my two years at Brooklyn College, but one of my favorites has been one that I took this semester, Global Gender Politics, with Professor Janet Johnson. I was super-interested in the course material even before starting the class, and I found myself looking forward to the class on Wednesday nights. I also loved taking Human Rights Theory and Practice, with Associate Professor Kosal Path, and Democratization and Global Justice, with Professor Mark Ungar, which also covered two topics I was deeply interested in.

BC: What are your fondest memories?

JG: I only had about a semester and a half of in-person classes because of COVID-19, but I would have to say my favorite memories are the discussions my classmates and I would have during class, both in person and online. Even though online learning isn’t easy, I’ve learned so much from my fellow classmates and been exposed to new viewpoints and ways of thinking that have only made my learning experience better. I’ve had a pretty good portion of my classes with a small group of the same students, so it’s been nice to see a few of the same people at least a few times a week for the past two years. Meeting such great people (and with online learning, sometimes their pets) has made getting my master’s an enjoyable experience, even with all the work that comes with it.

BC: What are your career plans and how has Brooklyn College helped toward your goals?

JG: After graduation, I would love to work in the nonprofit or nongovernmental organization field, especially organizations dealing with women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, which are two things that I have always been passionate about. Brooklyn College helped me by showing me how to best channel my passions into career goals and by giving me a great academic foundation to succeed in any future career endeavors.