Juliana Deprimo

M.S., Childhood Mathematics Education, born in Staten Island, New York

BC: Why did you choose Brooklyn College?

JD: I was very interested in the mathematics education program. When visiting different schools to see what they had to offer, Brooklyn College ended up at the top of my list. Upon my first visit, I had a chance meeting with Associate Professor Hanna Haydar and was immediately convinced that this was the place I should be. I have always enjoyed learning mathematics and knew that when I was continuing my education, learning more about teaching math in an elementary school was a major goal of mine.

BC: What are some highlights of your Brooklyn College career?

JD: My fondest memories come from Professor Haydar’s classes where we did a “Math Funs” exercise at the beginning of each class. Since math has always been an enjoyable challenge for me, these types of brain teasers were intriguing.

BC: What is your favorite place on campus?

JD: I enjoyed sitting outside of the gym looking at the library building and the beautiful scenery on campus.

BC: How has Brooklyn College helped toward your career goals?

JD: Brooklyn College has helped me to achieve my dreams and goals of becoming a math specialist within an elementary school. My future goals are to find improved ways to help students have a more enjoyable learning experience with math.