Paul Thomas

M.A. in biology, born in Brooklyn

BC: Why did you choose Brooklyn College?

PT: As the heart of Brooklyn, this institution reflects the ideal structure of society. The diverse culture in combination with the brightest faculty were two big factors in my decision making.

BC: What are some of the highlights of your Brooklyn College career?

PT: My journey actually started in the early pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. The RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) program at Brooklyn College encouraged me to strive toward success. Throughout the years, I’ve been granted numerous opportunities for development. In addition to interning at Columbia University, I was a peer leader working alongside bright, inspiring individuals with an interest in biological research. Every semester was a chance to network, allowing me to make friends and establish new connections in different scientific areas.

BC: What is your favorite place on campus?

PT: I’ve been everywhere: running on the treadmills in the West Quad, signing up for a computer session in the West End Building, listening to music near the lily pond, observing the latest art collections on the fifth floor of Boylan Hall, and attending seminars at the Woody Tanger Auditorium. They are all my favorite.

BC: What are your career plans and how has Brooklyn College helped toward your career goals?

PT: By achieving this level of education, by knowing myself more than anyone, and by honoring those who have invested in my academic, intellectual, spiritual, and social upbringing, I have a firm responsibility to both give back to the community and continue my educational endeavors. Specifically, I will seek opportunities to guide younger generations as they gain exposure to the field of biology, whether it be through tutoring of the subject or via peer-led collaboration and teamwork.