Ebunwola Adeyeni is a Nigerian native who will graduate with her M.A. in community health education. She says that when she found out how many Black women die during pregnancy or childbirth, her career took focus.

BC: When did you decide on community health education?

EA: This path chose me. I have always had a passion for teaching, and I am committed to the things I learn that concern community health. I am coming to an understanding that by focusing on prevention instead of cures, the health care system will significantly improve. Teaching prevention and putting it front and center in education is my goal.

BC: What have been some of the highlights of Brooklyn College for you?

EA: During my graduate years I began working as a health educator with a focus on comprehensive adolescent pregnancy prevention (CAPP) at the Diaspora Community Services [a Brooklyn-based agency that provides health and social services to low-income and immigrant residents]. My job provided me with a healthy balance for hands-on experience as I continued my studies. I began my master’s program at the start of the pandemic, and that was unforgettable. Because of the pandemic, my freshman year memories are entrenched with the uncertainty I felt back then.

BC: What do you want to do with your degree?

EA: The fact that Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than any of their racial counterparts today is something that equally intrigues me and boils my blood. With my degree, I want to continue to grow in the public health field and specifically work toward improving Black maternal mortality by learning more steps to prevent this trend from escalating. This degree places me in the trajectory to teach the Black community that pregnancy does not equate to a death sentence, bottom line.

BC: What are some things you do as hobby?

EA: I enjoy reading and teaching, of course. I am comfortable with athletics as well. I have a history in track and field, as a long jumper and a runner. I also played team badminton before. Now, I love to do yoga and listen to music.