The Brooklyn College Cancer Center-BCCC-CURE (CommUnity Outreach, Research, and Education) is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 grant from the Gray Foundation.

BCCC-CURE is the first of its kind in Brooklyn. Its mission is to enhance the lives of patients affected by cancer, with a special focus on underserved Brooklyn residents, through research, education, and community outreach.

“We are grateful to the Gray Foundation for its generous support,” said Maria Contel, the BCCC-CURE’s founding director. “Partnering with organizations that share our mission is important to continuing this important work.”

Located at Brooklyn College’s main campus in Midwood, BCCC-CURE was established in 2020 with support from the Brooklyn College Foundation, individual donors, and research grants awarded to college faculty affiliated with the center. BCCC-CURE is committed to diversifying biomedical research and cancer-related professions; increasing the social mobility of its students; and, mitigating the disparities that underrepresented groups experience in education, treatment, and palliative care.

The Gray Foundation has a dual mission: to expand access to education, healthcare, and opportunity for New York City youth from low-income backgrounds; and, to accelerate research, improve treatment, and raise awareness for individuals and families who have inherited BRCA mutations.

“BCCC-CURE’s work is at the intersection of the Gray Foundation’s two-part mission, and we are pleased to support this integrated approach to improving education and healthcare in New York City,” said Dana Zucker, CEO of the Gray Foundation.