Citing its ability to help graduates climb the socioeconomic ladder after graduation, 24/7 Wall St. ranked Brooklyn College sixth in the nation in its latest upward mobility report, ahead of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and others.

Using data from the U.S. Department of Education, 24/7 Wall St. identified the top 50 colleges that offer students the greatest likelihood of upward mobility. It ranked 50 nonprofit bachelor’s degree–granting institutions with at least 2,500 undergraduates on the ratio of the median earnings of working alumni 10 years after matriculation to the median family income of the undergraduate student body.

For every school on this list, the typical graduate earns at least twice as much as the typical family of an enrolled undergraduate 10 years after matriculation. Specifically, the report found that Brooklyn College graduates earned a median salary that was 2.9 times higher 10 years after graduation than median family earnings among enrolled students.

Citing data from a 2023 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical college graduate working full time earns $74,464 a year—over $30,000 more than the typical worker with only a high school diploma. College graduates are also nearly half as likely to be unemployed as adults with no more than a high school education.

The news comes just after U.S. News & World Report again ranked Brooklyn College among the best colleges in the nation for 2023. That report found the college retaining the top spot for “Campus Diversity Index” for the sixth straight year. U.S. News also ranked Brooklyn College no. 7 in Top Performers on Social Mobility; no. 14 in Top Public Schools; and no. 17 in Best Colleges for Veterans.

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