Boylan Society

When you join the Boylan Society, you authorize the Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc. to receive a monthly gift from your checking or credit card account. The benefits of becoming a member are plentiful!

  • You will enjoy the convenience of providing ongoing support to your alma mater without the bother of renewal payments or reminders.
  • You can make a small gift each month and still make a big impact on the level of academic excellence at Brooklyn College.
  • Your monthly gift will serve as a predictable source of income for the Brooklyn College Foundation, further enabling us to plan ahead and meet the growing needs of the college and its students.
  • Monthly gifts do not require mailings or other outreach efforts to secure. The savings on postage, paper, and administrative costs will stretch your contributions further.
  • No commitment is necessary. If at any time you wish to increase, decrease, or suspend your monthly gifts, all you need to do is e-mail us or call our office, 718.951.5074.
  • You will receive notification of your first contribution and an annual statement summarizing your annual gifts to the Brooklyn College Foundation. A record of each contribution will appear on your monthly bank or credit card statement.

Enroll online Enroll by mail (pdf)

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