Sophomore Jason Lin is already making his mark on the world. Whether it be through internships at high-end fashion magazines, his volunteer work, or the viral tutoring videos he had created for his marketing class last year, Lin is dedicated to helping others.

Watch Jason Lin’s video on the principles of marketing.

Though born in Queens, NY, Lin lived in Fujian, China with his family until 2012. He fostered a passion for creative writing in high school. His devotion to the craft landed him internships at Cosmopolitan and The Livid, where he explored the high-end lifestyle niche. In his first year at Brooklyn College, he has been an avid blogger and staff writer for The Brooklyn College Vanguard, where he now serves as treasurer.

Not only does Lin love writing and fashion, but he also rules the court on Brooklyn College’s volleyball team. In life, he considers everyone his teammate.

You single-handedly tutored your fellow classmates and created a YouTube tutoring series that got thousands of views. How did that come about?

[The videos] started in my marketing class with Associate Professor Ngoc Cindy Pham, who is absolutely my favorite teacher. The reason I did internships is because I told her about my interest in writing. And since I completed every assignment and test early, I was able to help her to do some videos of the simulation part of the homework, which means I demonstrated marketing tactics and strategies based on a guide.

What inspired you to create the videos?

For me, it was just an action done without hesitation. I saw a lot of my classmates struggle to gain 100% completion on the simulation. Since I was able to get all the correct answers and finish everything in a matter of two weeks, Professor Pham wanted me to try to record some videos for the simulations if I had the time. I created three videos in a weekend. I figured, let’s give it a shot. Let me give people the instructions so they know how to do it. I was like, if I can finish on my own this fast in my free time, why can’t I help others who are busy?

How would you describe your experience so far at Brooklyn College?

I have done some volunteer work and have had a few jobs at the school. I’ve been a writer for The Brooklyn College Vanguard, and now I’m the treasurer as well! After a few weeks here, I joined the volleyball team, and was nominated as an athlete scholar and made the fall and spring semester Dean’s List, which I was really happy with. My current objective is to work with the Magner Career Center to find my true interests for my future.

It sounds like you’re really making the most of your time here! What do you do for fun?

I love the atmosphere. Sometimes after class, I try to relax myself by playing a little basketball here and there at the rec center. I’ve made friends with a lot of different personalities who are pursuing different fields than me. When you find a community here, you will love it immediately.