Graduate Information

Graduate studies in biology can be minute in scale or vast in scope.

As a graduate student, you are interested in continuing your studies in biology—a huge and diverse area of human knowledge that includes everything from the behavior that codes genetic information to enormous ecosystems that cover the surface of our planet.

Our Department of Biology offers numerous courses and programs of study that reflect the wide range and depth of options in the discipline. Areas of research include the behavior and evolution of marine animals, the production of biofuels, cell growth and cancer, meiosis, bioinformatics, and the interaction between microbes and their hosts in both health and disease. Students have the opportunity to carry out their thesis research in one of our many research laboratories.


Biology Kinesiology

Graduate Students and Research Associates

Research Associates

Name E-mail Lab
Cohen, Michael Lipke
Jackson, Desmond Lipke
Joyner, Jessica Muth
Musolf, Kerstin Wilson
Wiech, Eliza Singh

Ph.D. Students

Name E-mail Lab
Fouad-Farhat, Manal Quadri
Germain, Gabrielle Quadri
Hom, Kelsey Forlano
Janisch, Niklas Quadri
Jeon, Hanjun Saxena
Levendosky, Keith Quadri
Phillip, Jasmin Ikui
San, Avdar Saxena
Silva, Andriele Singh


Name E-mail Lab
Ashe, Jimiane Wilson
Banerjee, Sudharma Saxena
Chambers, Chantel Lipke
Cohen, Michael Lipke
Gomez, Katherine Schvarzstein
Gomez, Roberto He
Kan, Jingbo Biais
Khondker, Shoily Ikui
Lakha, Rabina He
Lawag, Abdalla Singh
Lewandowski, Naomi Basil
Lopez, Antonio Singh
Perelmuter, Jonathan Forlano
Sabour, Jennifer Muth
Seow, Mafer Biais
Thomas, Paul Polle


Ph.D. Program

Brooklyn College Biology faculty mentor Ph.D. students through the CUNY Graduate Center. Faculty participate in a variety of graduate programs in biochemistry and biology, including the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB), Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCD), Neuroscience (NS), and Plant Science (PS) subprograms. Contact individual faculty for more information on research opportunities.

Faculty Member Program Affilitations
Jennifer Basil Biology (EEB)
Paul Forlano Biology (EEB, NS)
Amy Ikui Biochemistry, Biology (MCD)
Peter Lipke Biochemistry, Biology (MCD)
Theodore Muth Biology (MCD)
Juergen Polle Biology (MCD, PS)
Luis Quadri Biochemistry, Biology (MCD)
Anjana Saxena Biochemistry, Biology (MCD)
Mara Schvarzstein Biology (MCD)
Shaneen, Singh Biochemistry, Biology (MCD, PS)
Phillip Staniczenko Biology (EEB)
Barbara Studamire Biochemistry, Biology (MCD)
Tony Wilson Biology (EEB)

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