Textbook ordering is done entirely online.

Brooklyn College Online Bookstore

The bookstore offers students an efficient, personalized shopping experience. All courses, required materials, and pricing options are displayed in one easy-to-navigate page.

Order Online With Three Simple Steps

  1. Log in using your CUNY Login account.
  2. Select new, used, eBook, or rental options.
  3. Check out. It’s that easy!

Features of the Brooklyn College Online Bookstore

  • A personalized page featuring all your courses and required course materials on one page
  • Great deals on marketplace items
  • Compare pricing from top-selling textbook websites
  • Free shipping on select orders over $49 (not including marketplace items)
  • A customer experience team that works year-round with 24/7 support at the beginning of every spring and fall term
  • The option to sell used books on the website at any time of the year at a price that you name

Visit the bookstore’s help page to use the dynamic help tool, send an e-mail, or call the help line.

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