Non-CUNY Transfer Students

Student Success connection coaches are here to support you if you are transferring to Brooklyn College from a non-CUNY college or university. Our coaches also work with additional populations, such as those students who have a GPA between 2.00 and 2.30 as well as all students who have attained 105 credits.

Connection coaches act as advocates and liaisons, assisting students with any obstacles in their paths. Coaches offer one-on-one coaching sessions, conduct outreach to at-risk students (e.g., not enrolled, under enrolled, academic jeopardy, etc.), and offer a transcript review service.

Coaches review student transcripts for possible pain points and/or potential academic opportunities and e-mail the students a diagnostic with prescriptive advice. Coaches can also assist students who must petition the Committee on Course and Standing for exceptions to college policy.

Connection coaches are proactive rather than reactive, reaching out to identified groups to offer solutions and to remove obstacles and impediments possibly before students are aware an issue even exists. By utilizing a coordinated approach with specific benchmarks, coaches are able to support students in a comprehensive, holistic manner. They listen carefully to their students, gathering information about unmet needs and potential interests to identify logical next steps as our students continue to make progress in their programs.

Student Success connection coaches can help by:

  • holding remote or in-person one-on-one coaching sessions;
  • reviewing student transcripts and DegreeWorks audits;
  • providing additional support via Blackboard by way of our interactive Transfer Hub;
  • connecting students to appropriate resources such as CAASS, major advisers, and financial aid staff, and working with students to resolve issues, providing information and/or referral;
  • performing “transcript diagnostics” for students—a summary of all remaining requirements, along with advice regarding curricular opportunities or trouble spots;
  • offering “schedule forecasts” for students—an overview of courses students are eligible to take, which can be discussed with program advisers— with the intent to engender conversation and to better prepare students for meetings with their advisers;
  • developing and creating short videos and other media in order to improve student engagement and academic preparedness;
  • coordinating “enrollment” campaigns to nudge continuing students to register in a timely manner;
  • answering questions by e-mail, phone, or video chat, from students, administrators, or faculty regarding degree requirements, academic regulations, and various other academic support services;
  • utilizing advising technologies such as DegreeWorks, CUNYfirst, Schedule Builder, e-notes, Navigate, Transfer Explorer, and other emerging software to provide support and to monitor students’ academic progress toward degree completion;
  • calling and/or e-mailing those students who respond to surveys and retention campaigns who indicate that they have been met with challenges due to the pandemic;
  • assisting students with petitions to the Committee on Course and Standing;
  • brainstorming solutions to individual student issues; and
  • providing support to other student service areas to assist as needed.

Student Success connection coaches conduct their services according to the accessibility needs of their students, affording both remote and on-campus coaching sessions on a per-student basis. The in-person office hours will include events and information sessions to create a presence on campus and enable students to feel supported in multiple ways.

Student Success Connection Coach Team

Tracy C. Newton
Executive Director of Student Success and Academic Advisement

Michael LoPorto
Associate Director of Student Success

Joanna Mcrae-Jones
Student Success Connection Coach

Leanora Pascall
Student Success Connection Coach

Amadou Andre
Assistant Student Success Connection Coach

Milana Goldman
Assistant Student Success Connection Coach

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