Students Entered 2018–19

Pathways provides a set of General Education Requirements that every student must complete to earn a baccalaureate degree. Find below a list of course options that fulfill the respective areas of Pathways for students entering Brooklyn College in fall 2018.

Required Common Core (four courses for a total of 12 credits)

English Composition (two courses)

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (one course)

Life and Physical Sciences (one course)

Flexible Common Core (six courses for a total of 18 credits)

No more than two courses

World Cultures & Global Issues (one course)

U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (one course)

Creative Expression (two courses)

Individual & Society (one course)

Scientific World (one course)

College Option (four courses for a total of 12 credits)

Part A (two courses)

Choose two courses from two of the three areas listed below. (For example, if you choose one course from Arts & Literature, you must then choose another course from Global Connections or Science.)

Exploring Arts & Literature

Exploring Global Connections

Exploring Science

Part B (two courses)

Choose two courses from any combination of the following choices: a course in a language or literature other than English offered by the departments of Classics, Judaic Studies, or Modern Languages and Literatures; or an additional course from the Required Core Life and Physical Sciences area not already used to fulfill the Required Core requirements; or an additional Flexible Core course not already used to fulfill the Flexible Core requirements.

For questions regarding Pathways, speak with an adviser from the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success.

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