About Us


The primary goal of the Center for the Achievement in Science Education (CASE) is to increase the number of traditionally underrepresented students who pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, scientific research, and technology.

Our History

CASE is an innovative part of the university’s efforts to create a healthy pipeline to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields by advancing science at the highest levels, training students to conduct research in those areas, and encouraging young people, particularly students in underrepresented groups, to study in these disciplines. The programs at CASE serve to maximize the resources and impact of Brooklyn College to promote and support science instruction and research for its students.

How Students Benefit

The programs that are part of CASE strive to identify new ways in which students can learn mathematics and science. To this end, many students in the CASE programs have the advantage of taking STEM classes designed to increase understanding of traditionally difficult classes. These classes offer peer-assisted learning environments and coordinated learning communities where students feel more comfortable and find it easier to grasp difficult concepts.

Students can also participate in pre-freshman bridge programs that help orient new students to the demands of college and more particularly the rigorous nature of studying a STEM discipline. They also take a series of workshops to learn study skills, time management, and test taking.

Research skills are vital to a scientist. To that end, students in CASE programs are encouraged to do at least two years of research. This allows them to connect ideas and concepts they have learned in class and apply what they know to new situations and phenomena in various fields of science. Students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors to determine research projects. Students learn good research techniques, sound lab practices, and the ethical issues concerning the conduct of research. CASE serves as a good example of how students can excel in STEM disciplines, given the support, mentoring, and skills as provided for by the programs in CASE. We encourage you to check out each of the programs.

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