Brooklyn Neuroscience Education and Training for Scientists (B-NETS)


BP ENDURE is a program funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke (NINDS) of the National Institutes of Health. The overall goal of BP-ENDURE is to prepare undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds, including those from groups under-represented in biomedical and behavioral sciences, to enter and complete Ph.D. programs in the neurosciences. This will diversify the cadre of trained researchers from groups currently underrepresented in neuroscience research working to address national health issues, including neurologically based health disparities. It has been repeatedly shown that progress in biomedical research is enhanced by researchers from diverse backgrounds who contribute different perspectives, aptitudes, creativity, and experience to the enterprise of neuroscience research.


The Brooklyn Neuroscience Education and Training for Scientists (B-NETS) is a partnership between Brooklyn College and SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

The goal of the program is to train the next generation of diverse neuroscientists to address chronic neurological health disparities that occur more frequently in minority and low-income populations, including the catchment area of the participating institutions in Central Brooklyn where our students both live and study.

The B-NETS program supports research involvement and education in the neurosciences by undergraduate juniors and seniors interested in conducting research in the broad area of neuroscience and who are enrolled at two CUNY colleges, Brooklyn College and Medgar Evers College.

By participating as B-NETS Fellows, participants will receive:

  • Excellent academic instruction in the neurosciences and related fields
  • Financial support to allow students to devote the time to become research scientists
  • Close and effective mentoring in career planning, academics, and research
  • Rich opportunities to participate in hands-on cutting-edge research in all areas of the neurosciences
  • Opportunities to learn effective oral and written communication about neuroscience research
  • Attendance at major conferences such as the Society for Neuroscience for Fellows to present their research and interact with the neuroscience research community
  • Assistance with application for summer research experiences and doctoral programs and national fellowships

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