Chemistry and Biochemistry Course Syllabi

List of Courses and Syllabi

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Course Syllabus Website Old Exams
CHEM 1007—Chemistry in Modern Life Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 1011—Pharmaceutical Research, Development, and Approval Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 1037—Forensic Chemistry Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 1040—General Chemistry for Health Professionals Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 1050—General Chemistry IA Syllabus (PDF) see Blackboard
CHEM 1200/1201—General Chemistry I Syllabus (PDF); Lab (PDF) see Blackboard Midterm 1 Spring 2004 (PDF), Midterm 2 Spring 2004 (PDF), Final Spring 2004 (PDF), Final Spring1999 (PDF)
CHEM 2060—General Chemistry IB Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 2110—Principles of Chemical Reactivity Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 2200/2201—General Chemistry II Syllabus (PDF) see Blackboard Exam 1 Spring 2012, Exam 2 Spring 2012 (PDF), Final Fall 1999 (PDF)
CHEM 2500—Organic Chemistry for Health-related Professions Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 3415W—Analytical Chemistry Syllabus (PDF) see Blackboard
CHEM 3420—Instrumental Analysis Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 3511 / 3512—Organic Chemistry I Syllabus (PDF) see Blackboard / Lab
CHEM 3521 / 3522—Organic Chemistry II Lecture (PDF) / Lab (PDF) Lecture / Lab
CHEM 4571—Biochemistry I Lectures Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 4572—Biochemistry Laboratory I Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 4581—Biochemistry II Syllabus (PDF) + Addendum (PDF) / Graduate (PDF) + Addendum (PDF)
CHEM 4600—Physical Chemistry for the Health Professions Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 4610—Physical Chemistry I Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 4620—Physical Chemistry II Lecture (PDF) / Lab (PDF)
CHEM 4761—Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 4780—Environmental Chemistry Syllabus (PDF)
CHEM 52×0—Seminar 52×0 (PDF)

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