Activities and Research

High-stakes Testing: Child Abuse?

The center is developing a conference and action that investigates the extent to which high-stakes testing in New York is akin to child abuse as part of the movement to challenge the current neoliberal onslaught on public education that is affecting the well-being of students, parents, teachers and other educators. We are working with parents in Brooklyn and interested school psychologists and school counselors.

For further information and to get involved, contact Professor Florence Rubinson at 718.951.5876.

Integral Curriculum

The Integral Urban Education: The Tree of Heaven Project is developing an integral transformational curriculum in collaboration with the Brooklyn Zen Center within a Brooklyn public school that includes contemplative practices of insight meditation, emotional and moral development, interpersonal group work and study, social justice issues in education, educational policy analysis, and political action.

Certificate Program in Integral Urban Education

The Tree of Heaven Project is planning a certificate program in integral urban education for teachers, administrators, school counselors, and school psychologists. It will include work in the above areas described in the Integral Curriculum.


Assistant Professor May May Leung in the Nutrition Program at the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College is the principal investigator and is consulting with Professor David Forbes on a CUNY Collaborative Incentive Grant: “Evaluating the Impact of a Mindfulness-based Pilot Study to Reduce the Risk of Childhood Obesity in Underserved Urban Middle-School Youth.”

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