Links and Resources


  • Beams and Struts. “A magazine for hungry brains and thirsty souls.” Many integral articles. Now an archive.
  • Integral New York on Facebook. “New York’s hub for all things Integral. We meet monthly to discuss various issues from an Integral perspective, as it has been defined by the American philosopher Ken Wilber.”
  • Next Step Integral. Integral education section.
  • Perspegrity. Tom Murray on integral education.

Contemplative and Mindfulness Education


Non-academic Centers and Institutes

Contemplative Education Links

Higher Education Programs and Centers in Contemplative Studies

Centers, Networks and Educators That Work With Public Education Teachers and Students on Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices

Some mindfulness centers in universities and hospitals or that serve as independent nonprofit organizations focus on the health-promoting aspects of mindfulness and meditation and/or seek to find neurological correlates of mindfulness states and ways to develop the pre-frontal cortex through meditation.

Urban Community Youth Centers Employing Mindfulness and Yoga

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