Proposed Activities of the Integral Urban Education Project

  • Professional development
  • Consultation for New York City Department of Education teachers, administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, and CUNY professors: workshops
  • A certificate program in integral urban education
  • Pre-service development for CUNY education and school counseling students
  • Collaboration on CUNY projects on contemplative, mindfulness, and integral practices in education and mental health
  • Collaboration and consultation with community organizations
  • An annual conference
  • Integral urban educational policy think tank: working papers; advocacy:
    • Critical investigation of mindfulness and moral context in education
    • Integral alternatives to neoliberalism in education
  • Development of CUNY-B.A. program undergraduate minor in contemplative studies from an integral perspective
  • Continued sponsorship of the CUNY Contemplative Network Speakers Series held each fall at the CUNY Graduate Center

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