Faculty Publications

  • Gertrud Lenzer, “Whither Sociology? Some Reflections on the Ideas of ‘Globalization’ and ‘SocialCapital.’” International Review of Sociology 17.3, November 2007
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “The Future of Children: The Great Enigma.” (pdf) SOSkinderdorforum, June 2003
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “Children’s Studies: Beginnings and Purposes.” (pdf) The Lion and The Unicorn 25, 2001
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “The Human Rights Agenda and the Rights of Children: Towards a Unified Approach.” (pdf) Whittier Law Review 21, 1999
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “The Importance of Children’s Rights Programs in Academic Institutions.” (pdf) Loyola Poverty Law Journal 4, 1998. School of Law, Loyola University, New Orleans
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “Children’s Studies and the Arts and Sciences: Recent Trends.” (pdf) Understanding Children’s Rights. Collected Papers Presented at University of Ghent (Belgium), July 1996. Ed. Eugeen Verhellen. Pages 169–73.
  • Fox, M. & Stoudt, B. (In press.) “Outrageous disparities: Young people’s perspectives on wealth inequality, collectivity, and hope in New York City.” In Peter Kelly and Lyn Harrison (Eds), Young People and Politics of Outrage and Hope. Lieden, The Netherlands: Brill.
  • Fox, M. & Fine, M. “Leadership in solidarity: Notions of leadership through critical participatory action research with young people and adults.” New Directions in Student Leadership, 2015 (148), 45 ? 58. doi: 10.1002/yd.20152.
  • Fox, M. & Fine, M. “Accountable to whom? A critical science counter-story about a city that stopped caring for its young.” Children & Society, 27(4).
  • Niwa, E.Y., Boxer, P., Dubow, E., Huesmann, L.R., Landau, S., Gvirsman, S.D., Shikaki, K., & Ginges, J. (In press). “Growing up amid ethno-political conflict: Aggression and emotional desensitization promote hostility to ethnic out-groups.” To appear in Child Development, 2016.
  • Niwa, E.Y., Rogers, O., & Way, N. (in press). An Ecological Model of Peer Relationships. To appear in L.S. Balter & C. Tamis-LeMonda (Eds.), Child Psychology: A Handbook of Contemporary Issues, 3rd Edition. Psychology Press: New York, 2016.
  • Niwa, E.Y., Boxer, P., Dubow, E., Huesmann, L.R., Landau, S., Shikaki, K., & Gvirsman, S.D. Negative Stereotypes of Ethnic Out-groups: A Longitudinal Examination among Palestinian, Israeli Jewish, and Israeli Arab Youth. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 26(1), 166-179; 2014.
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  • Porter, Jeremy R. “Human Development and the Fertility Reversal: A Spatially-Centered Sub-national Examination in the US.” Spatial Demography 5(1): 43-72, 2017.
  • Porter, Jeremy R., Joel Capellan and Frank M. Howell. “Re-Operationalizing ‘Open-Country’: Introducing a Place-Level Geography for the Study of Rural Crime.” International Journal of Applied Geo-Spatial Research 8(2): 20-32, 2017.
  • Porter, Jeremy R. and Jenifer Bratter. “Investigating Race, Class, and Context through Hitorical Evidence: Segregation and the Ecology of Aspirations of Black College Students in the 1960s South.” Sociological Spectrum 35(3):286-308, 2015.
  • Chintakrindi, Sriram and Jeremy R. Porter. “Assisted Suicide and the Death Penalty: Examining Attitudes Towards State Sanctioned Death.” Criminology and Social Integration (2) 24, 1-23, 2016.
  • Gertrud Lenzer, Child Policy Forum of New York: Implementation and Monitoring of the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography, Proceedings of the Third Child Policy Forum of New York (pdf), 2009.
  • Gertrud Lenzer, Children and the Law in New York: A Policy Symposium (pdf) (proceedings); New York: Children’s Studies Center, 2004.
  • Gertrud Lenzer, “Children’s Studies and the Human Rights of Children: Toward a Unified Approach. (pdf) Children as Equals: Exploring the Rights of the Child. Eds. Kathleen Alaimo and Brian Klug. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 2002.


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