Our students come from many diverse backgrounds and choose a variety of interesting career paths.

Student Spotlights

Student Spotlights demonstrates how our unique program supports and promotes student development, and showcases the many ways a children and youth studies degree helps students achieve their personal and professional goals. Children and youth studies students are given knowledge and power to create change in their own communities and beyond in the service of children and youth everywhere.

As part of our Children and Youth Studies Road to Success Campaign, we have created the Awards and Accomplishments page to show you where graduates of the Children and Youth Studies Program are now and what they have accomplished.

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Career Exploration Internship

The Children and Youth Studies Career Exploration Internship (CHDST 4100 (95): Internship in Applied Children’s Studies)

The Career Exploration Internship in Children and Youth Studies enables students who want to work directly or indirectly with children and youth, to research the multitude of interesting and varying careers available to them.

Students enrolled in the internship course will investigate what path they will need to follow on the undergraduate and graduate level to attain their career goals. Students have the opportunity to learn about professional child and youth-related careers that they may not have otherwise considered.

The internship is an exciting pathway for career exploration in settings involving children and youth, including juvenile and family court, advocacy centers, child welfare and public health organizations, legislative offices, the media, and more.

Internships take place in professional settings where students can discover their individual aptitudes and talents. Through the exchange of ideas, ongoing self-assessment, course assignments, job mentoring by the site supervisor, and group discussions with other interns and the course instructor, students are encouraged to explore their life goals and dreams.

The internship is offered every fall and spring semester. Seven hours of fieldwork and a one-hour conference per week is required of each student. The internship course is open to all undergraduates. Students with a major in children and youth studies can receive three credits toward their 30-credit requirement, as can children and youth studies students toward their 15-credit minor requirement. All other students, including those with a concentration in children and youth studies, can enroll in the internship as an elective course.

For more information, stop by the Children and Youth Studies office, 1304 James Hall, or contact us at:
P: 718.951.3192

What Our Graduates Have to Say About the Career Exploration Internship

Children’s Studies Career Exploration Internship: Center for Community Alternatives

“I work at a nonprofit that provides family services to people in crises. I’m the human resources assistant there, so I get to play both fields with the employees and interact with families in need. My internship was one of my most memorable, and I thank you for all the advice and insight you gave me.”

Children’s Studies Career Exploration Internship: Center for Community Alternatives

“The internship increased my passion for community-based education and advocacy. The Children’s Studies Program has played a very crucial part in my education, dedication, and commitment to youth. It has inspired me to become active in policy changes. Currently I am enrolled in the Leadership in Community Based Education program at Bank Street School of Education.”

Children’s Studies Career Exploration Internship: Judge Esther M. Morgenstern

“I’m six weeks away from the end of my first semester of law school (Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center). My internship with Judge Esther M. Morgenstern was an amazing experience. I sat next to Judge Morgenstern on the bench. I don’t know how many people can say that they’ve sat next to a judge on the bench while court was in session. It allowed me to see what being a lawyer encompasses, and not a lot of people have that opportunity. It definitely assured me that the career I was interested in was right for me.”

Children’s Studies Career Exploration Internship: Hebrew Academy for Special Children

“The internship opened up a whole new world for me. Graduating Brooklyn College in 2009, I was on the path of becoming a speech pathologist; however, my internship at Hebrew Academy for Special Children (HASC) was quite a lasting experience for me. After my first semester of graduate school last year, I couldn’t shake the feeling that speech wasn’t where I belonged. I was given the opportunity to work as a substitute teacher’s assistant at HASC for the first half of this year, and I absolutely loved it! I knew working with children with disabilities was really where my heart was. I am now in my second semester of graduate school at New York University, where I am pursuing a dual master’s degree in early childhood and early childhood special education. If it wasn’t for the internship, I think it would have taken that much longer for me to realize my career path.”

Awards and Accomplishments

Gertrud Lenzer Founder’s Outstanding Senior Award

  • 2021—Urooj Karim, Dillon Kosek, and Rachel Safdieh
  • 2020—Carol Chesney and Jacqueline Rodriguez
  • 2019—Belicia Bethel
  • 2018—Jennifer DeLaCruz and Samantha Wilson
  • 2017—Kadia Dawes and Emily Leong
  • 2016—Taisha Aguilar
  • 2015—Aksana Samoylov

Judge Bryanne A. Hamill Outstanding Senior Award in Children and Youth Studies

  • 2014—Kelly Garcia and Jessica Verkhovsky
  • 2013—Jen-I Costosa
  • 2012—Perla Tapia
  • 2011—Naomi Dambreville

Special Senior Awards

  • 2021—Fatima Altareb, Rachel Dabah, and Rawan Hanini
  • 2020—Christine Aldea, Daniella Amato, Gino Ancona, Amadou Andre, Zakiyah Joyner, Leslie Ortiz, and Elroy Peters Samuel 
  • 2019—Tatyana Candelaria and StacyAnn DeSouza
  • 2018—Lily Lee
  • 2017—Victoria Martinez and Jennifer Ward
  • 2016—Taralyn Accetta and Monique Charles
  • 2015—Krystal Balmir, Kattia Poyau Edwards, Karen Martin, Lisette Mendoza, and Joniel Thomas
  • 2013—Nathaly Cabral, Otis Gamboa, Pascale Lebrun-Gay, Siham Ouri, and Dagmar Vodrazkova
  • 2012—Gail Andrews, Valentina Bortoc, Jocelyn Griffith, Nicole Johnson, Jeanny Kim, Alla Paradis, Christina Pergolese, Camille Reyes, Keidy Sanchez Mercedes and Ebony Turner
  • 2011—Haneen Abuasi, Stephanie Faison, Samira Kassim, Christiana Nyanteh, Leidy Sosa, Tammea Tyler and Insherah Yafaee

What Our Graduates Are Doing Now

  • Cynthia Tsang ’10—Cynthia graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work this spring and will begin working at Lutheran Augustana Rehabilitation in July. She is preparing to take the LMSW exam.
  • Roy Ben-Moshe ’10—Roy interned at the Garden House School as part of CHST 4100: Applied Children’s Studies Internship. Upon completion of the internship, Roy was hired by the Garden House School. He currently works at the school as an assistant teacher.
  • Naomi Dambreville ’11—A recipient of the Judge Bryanne A. Hamill Outstanding Senior Award, Naomi is currently finishing her first year in the master’s program in general psychology at NYU.
  • Kizzy Ann Levers ’11—Kizzy currently works as a case planner at Catholic Charities East New York Family Support Center.
  • Leidy Sosa ’11—Leidy interned at LosNinos as part of CHST 4100: Applied CS Internship. Upon completion of the internship, Leidy was hired as service coordinator for early intervention at the nonprofit organization.
  • Tammea Tyler ’11—Tammea is finishing her first year at Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work. Tammea is currently working with the chair of the Global Social Work Department to change the program curriculum to give students more access to studying abroad and international service opportunities.
  • Jeanny Kim ’12—Jeanny received a research support assistant position at the Nathan Kline Institute—Emotional Brain Institute Division that will begin this summer.

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