From prehistoric cave art to social networking, communication is a constantly changing field without end.


The nature of how we communicate is continually evolving.

Think of the enormous growth that happened between our nonverbal ancestors and the rich oral traditions of developing civilizations; of how various cultures, races, and even genders exchange information; and of what is happening today through the explosion of electronic communication. You want to understand these developments and gain a deeper insight into how communication has taken shape around the world. We will give you a comprehensive understanding of how meanings are shaped and exchanged in almost every human endeavor—from nonverbal and interpersonal settings to intercultural and mass media contexts.

Quick Facts

  • Some of the most successful lawyers in the nation studied communication in order to learn how to argue persuasively.
  • You spend about 75% of your day communicating in a variety of forms.
  • Employers spend more than $1 billion every year on employee and membership communications.

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