About the CTL


The mission of the Brooklyn College Roberta S. Matthews Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to foster an outstanding educational experience for all students by providing faculty with resources for effective teaching and learning. As a forum for the thoughtful and respectful exchange of ideas and practices, the CTL encourages high-impact learning and active engagement with students. It supports curricular development, pedagogical innovation, program improvement, planning, assessment, and a campus-wide culture focused on excellence in teaching, through an emphasis on self-reflection among the teaching faculty.

Who We Are: Staff and Advisory Board


Malka Simon
Lecturer/Doctoral Scholar, Art; Assistant Professor, Children’s and Youth Studies

Donna Granville
Associate Director
Assistant Professor, Sociology

Keanna Benjamin
College Assistant

Advisory Board

  • Beth Evans, Library
    School of Humanities and Socials Sciences—term ends 2025
  • Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Conservatory of Music
    School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts—term ends 2025
  • Rona Miles, Psychology
    School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences—term ends 2025
  • Sonia Murrow, Secondary Education
    School of Education—term ends 2025
  • Ngoc Cindy Pham, Business Management
    Koppelman School of Business—term ends 2025
  • MJ Robinson, Television, Radio, and Emerging Media
    At-Large Member—term ends 2025

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