Online Labs

  • American Geophysical Union Online Learning Exchange—A learning exchange space for K-20+ educators with a focus on field and lab teaching.
  • Virtual Labs in Earth/Environmental Science
  • Virtual Labs from the ChemCollective
  • JoVE | Peer-Reviewed Scientific Video Journal—Methods and Protocols—Available for bioengineering, biology, chemistry, medicine, etc. JoVE has a large collection of videos of techniques and other materials for use in classes and in undergraduate labs as well. It’s also very useful for lab demonstrations.
  • MERLOT—Offers a huge collection of online opportunities and material for STEM classes.
  •—Resources for Physics and Astronomy Education—developed through AAPT. It has tons of materials for physics education. Provides materials that can be used for labs and activities. Check out special simulations in Physlet Physics for labs.
  • PhET—Free online biology, chemistry, earth science, math simulations, and physics, offered by the University of Colorado. PhET Interactive hosts simulations that can be used for online experiments.
  • oPhysics—Interactive Physics Simulations. This site offers various simulations that can be used for online experiments.
  • Circuit Simulator Applet—Useful for electric circuit experiments. Students can construct circuits and run the simulator. The electric circuit experiments can be seen in an oscilloscope and can be used to gather data.
  • TU Berlin’s Remote Farm—Offered by the department for solid-state physics at the Berlin Institute of Technology. This Remote Farm can be used for advanced physics labs. Students can remotely access real instruments in Berlin’s lab and get data for analysis. However, it is limited to a few experiments and only one person can access one instrument at a time.
  • BC Physics Labs—Our own Brooklyn College YouTube channel. Currently, there are 16 videos available for labs and demonstrations.

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