Emergency Medical Squad (EMS)

021 Ingersoll Hall Extension (basement level)
P: 718.951.5859 or 5850
Emergency Phone: 718.951.5858

Founded in 1977, the Brooklyn College Emergency Medical Squad (BC-EMS) is a student club operated by registered student volunteers. Highly dedicated student volunteers who are trained and certified as emergency medical technicians provide emergency medical service—including ambulance service—for the campus and the surrounding community. Prompt, professional response to emergencies is ensured by advanced radio links among student members and the medical base.

BC-EMS operates whenever classes are in session based on the availability of the student volunteers, and is available upon request for standby service for campus events. If student volunteers are not available, the call for assistance is immediately redirected to the Office of Campus Public Safety, which will then respond as needed. In addition to the BC-EMS service, Campus Public Safety has officers who are trained EMTs. They respond to emergencies when available.

Free training to become a dispatcher or driver is available to all students. The squad holds free CPR and first aid training for all students and also sponsors courses that lead to certification as a New York State emergency medical technician for students who volunteer their time to the squad.

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