According to surveys, three out of four college students drink. We consider drinking to be normal and respectable, but we sometimes forget that alcohol can cause serious problems.

Students’ school performance and general functioning—both in and out of school—can be profoundly affected. Poor concentration, blackouts (memory lapses), and personality problems may result from drinking over an extended period of time.

Some clear signs of a problem with alcohol are:

  • Drinking to cope with or escape from problems and pressures
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Drinking more and more to achieve the same effect
  • Rapid mood changes and irritability
  • Frequent intoxication
  • Accidents resulting from intoxication
  • Physical complaints related to alcohol use (e.g., fatigue, weight change)
  • Going to school or work while intoxicated
  • Experiencing blackouts or loss of memory
  • Relying on alcohol to relieve physical or mental pain

Some of the physical consequences of problem drinking are:

  • Damage to brain cells
  • Increased risk of cirrhosis, ulcers, heart disease, heart attack, and cancers of liver, mouth, throat, and stomach
  • Degeneration of muscle and bone

Sobriety groups are available for those having problems with alcohol abuse. Support groups are offered for students experiencing problems with friends or relatives who are abusing alcohol. Outside referrals are available. If you or someone you care about shows any of the signs of alcoholism or suffers any of the above symptoms and you would like more information, come in and speak with a professional counselor in 0203 James Hall. All services are free and confidential.

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