Personal Counseling Services

Free and Confidential Assistance for Brooklyn College Students

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Theme-centered workshops
  • Video showings and discussion groups
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Couples, marriage, premarital, and family counseling
  • Housing referral
  • Consultation services for staff and faculty

Personal counseling services are available to Brooklyn College undergraduate and graduate students. A staff of psychologists and social workers are available to assist you with personal problems you may experience during your college years. Emergency consultations and referrals to outside services are also provided.

All services at the center are free and confidential. No information is released without consent of the student. Appointments for services may be made in person or by phone.

About Personal Counseling
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Personal Counseling

Personal counseling can help you to recognize what is upsetting you, clarify your goals, focus on your studies, and find ways of dealing with difficult situations. These can range from conflict with parents, death of a family member or friend, breakup of a relationship, or feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety. Brief individual or group counseling is available.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Drug and alcohol counseling is available for all members of the college community who have drug or alcohol-related problems or who are affected by the substance use of friends or family members.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is available for couples and families experiencing difficulties such as couple or marital conflict; parental disagreements over disciplining children; stresses associated with the presence of adolescents, young adults, elderly parents, or a chronically ill family member in the home; family violence and/or abuse; and coping with losses associated with separation, divorce, or death.

Workshops, Video Showings, and Discussion Groups

Workshops, video showings, and discussion groups led by professionals at the center are offered each semester. They are listed in a calendar, advertised in the campus papers, and announced on hallway bulletin boards outside the center. Topics of previous workshops include: Academic Achievement, Assertiveness, Families of Alcoholics, Procrastination, Self Growth, Stress Reduction, Test Anxiety, and Time Management.

Housing Referrals

Housing referrals are posted on the bulletin board outside 0203 James Hall. Apartments, furnished rooms, and shares are available in the college neighborhood. If housing needs are due to personal or family problems, come in to speak with a counselor.

Free Information Handouts

Free information handouts are available on a wide range of topics. A partial list of available topics include:

  • AIDS
  • Depression
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Eating Disorders
  • How to Study
  • How to Take Tests
  • Sleep Problems
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

Contact Information

Personal Counseling
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P: 718.951.5363

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