Campus Beautification Project

The Campus Beautification Project, initiated in 2001, was created to help provide a solution to the excessive amount of flyers appearing on college walls, doors, and surfaces. With the assistance of student staff and volunteers, open bulletin boards are updated and maintained, and campus grounds are canvassed for wayward postings. In addition, we assist the campus community in updating and beautifying almost 400 glass enclosed bulletin boards across the campus.

Guidelines for Posting

  • All postings must have an identifiable sponsor and contact number.
  • All student postings should be date stamped by Student Activities, 302 Student Center, prior to copying and posting to any of the bulletin boards.
  • Departments do not require date stamps on flyers
  • Commercial ads are allowable on the General Bulletin Boards only. They do not require a date stamp.
  • Keep postings (no larger than 11″ x 17″) limited to available space.
  • Avoid covering other printed materials.
  • Do not place any postings on college walls, entrances, grounds, etc. These will be removed.
  • These requirements do not apply to the following postings on doors: signage indicating the name of the office, room number, hours of operation, or contact information; instructional materials for a specific class; notices of approved upcoming events; or signage required by law.

Campus-Related Activities and Events Boards Only

In order to maximize the exposure of information related to programs, events, and activities of interest sponsored by Brooklyn College students or the campus community, these boards will be specifically reserved for this purpose.

Building Area
All Classroom bulletin boards
Boylan Hall Basement, outside of the cafeteria and between the cafeteria and former bookstore
2nd floor, next to rooms 2428 and 2432
2nd floor staircase landing leading up to room 2113
3rd floor, next to room 3129
Ingersoll 1st floor, next to room 1160 Ingersoll
1st floor, across from room 1231, in stairwell
1st floor, across from main elevator
Ingersoll Hall Extension 3rd floor, across from room 359
4th floor, between 444 and 446
James Hall 1st floor, next to rooms 1106 and 1108
2nd floor, next to room 2305
Roosevelt Hall 1st floor, next to room 112
1st floor, next to room 118
1st floor, next to room 130
Whitehead Hall At campus entrance, in main stairwell
2nd floor, next to room 219
3rd floor, next to room 321
5th floor, next to rooms 502 and 505

General Information Bulletin Boards

Building Area
 Boylan Hall Basement “Flyer Room,” across from the Georgian Room
 Ingersoll Hall 1st floor, across from room 1231, in stairwell
 Ingersoll Hall Extension 2nd floor, near room 250
3rd floor, across from room 359
4th floor, between rooms 444 and 446
 Roosevelt Hall 1st floor, next to room 118
1st floor, next to room 132
 West Quad Center To be announced
 Whitehead Hall At campus entrance, in main stairwell
3rd floor, near room 321
2nd floor, across from room 223B

More Information

Campus Beautification Project Coordinator
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
2113 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5352

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