Infants Classroom

The Infants Classroom enrolls children beginning at four months of age. The classroom is a warm, nurturing, and comfortable environment designed to celebrate relationships between the teachers and children. Themes of separation, attunement, and attachment are experienced as children engage in powerful games of peek-a-boo. Children are peek-a-boo players from birth as they begin to interact in relational ways with those who provide constancy, predictability, and familiarity in their world. Peek-a-boo is essentially the first game an infant will play—it is a nonverbal exchange between parent/care-giver and child and creates a significant bond that mirrors future relationships of trust and security.

In the Infants Room, children and teachers engage in mutually expressive and emotionally supportive play where trust and intimacy is respected and where the child is embraced with total and complete acceptance, where emotional lives are nurtured and responded to with deep care.

As early children educators observing the infants on a daily basis, we honor their constant states of transformational growth. The infants spend time exploring their environment through sensory experiences that incite their curiosity and wonderment. There is no random motion or movement, no thought or gesture without a question or conviction—exploration and discovery orchestrates everything as the children form an internal compass of connection and constancy deeply rooted in transformational growth and development.

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