Professional Development Educational Events at the Early Childhood Center

For Educators, Directors, Leaders, and Students

We welcome the opportunity to share our work with early childhood educators, directors, leaders, and students in the field as well as educational professionals and professors of early childhood and art education.

Currently, we are not participating in live professional development, but here is a sample of previous events.

Previous Presenters

Fleurivienne Walsh, Certified Support Floater

Fleurivienne Walsh received both a Master of Science in early childhood education and a Bachelor of Arts in bilingual elementary education at Brooklyn College and is currently an educator at the Early Childhood Center. She is a member of a teaching team that allows children and parents alike to grow and flourish. Throughout her 19 years of teaching at the ECC, she has seen the tremendous importance of families and staff working cooperatively. At the center, Walsh has worked with all the age groups but spent many years with the Young Twos. Currently, she is part of the Threes team and enjoys making discoveries with the children, colleagues, and families as one community.

Walsh and her family strongly believe in the importance of education and family. She migrated from Haiti at age 10 and is fluent in Haitian Creole. She realizes the importance of the early years of development and the strong support needed to help impact her own children’s growth as a whole. Her positive outlook has helped to embody her every effort to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment to all students and their families with whom she comes in contact.

Besides teaching at the Early Childhood Center, Walsh has taught early childhood education undergraduate courses at Brooklyn College. She continues to serve as a teaching supervisor whose responsibility is to train new teachers who are entering the profession. She has also provided professional development training to teachers from various schools/organizations in related fields. Teaching has enabled her to observe that learning takes place naturally. She firmly believes that in order to foster a better learning environment, it is key that adults around children maintain a positive outlook in order to capture a sense of openness, willingness, and acceptance that allows great space for learning.

Walsh also works as an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College teaching courses in language and literacy development, birth–Grade 2, general and special education.

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