Student Advisement and Support

The requirements to earn degrees in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department are outlined in the Brooklyn College Bulletin. Because graduating on your preferred time schedule requires careful planning, the department provides personal guidance through advisement meetings. We strongly recommend that you arrange for an advisement meeting at least once a semester to monitor your degree progress. You are welcome to arrange as many such meetings as you want.

Before your advisement session, please review the following:

To arrange for a meeting regarding your progress toward a bachelor’s degree, e-mail Professor David Seidemann. Meetings can be scheduled in person or virtually at a mutually convenient time.

To aid you in planning your undergraduate program, we have prepared degree progress checklists for the B.A. degree (pdf) and the B.S. degree (pdf). These checklists will prove useful both for you personally and in advisement meetings to help monitor your progress toward graduating.

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