Schedule Builder

Create a Schedule That Suits Your Needs

Is picking the perfect schedule frustrating? Can’t find classes that work with your job schedule? Don’t worry. We have the ideal solution for you!

Schedule Builder is a scheduling tool that allows you to build the perfect schedule in minutes. Choosing your classes each semester is easy with Schedule Builder. Schedule Builder is a tool that enables you to plan and register for courses that meet your schedule and needs. Schedule Builder allows you to graphically view schedule options based on desired time, availability, location, and other factors that work best for you.

How to Access Schedule Builder

  1. Go to CUNYfirst.
  2. Click on the “Student Center” tile.
  3. Click on the “Launch Schedule Builder” tile.

All continuing undergraduate and graduate students, non-degree students, and visiting students register by logging into CUNYfirst and using Schedule Builder at an assigned appointment time. Your registration appointment date(s) and time(s) are displayed under the term you are registering for. Schedule Builder does not allow registration prior to your assigned appointment. However, you can plan your schedule in Schedule Builder by viewing classes prior to your appointment. Courses in Schedule Builder are not automatically added to your schedule; you must complete the registration process to be enrolled.

Schedule Builder Tutorials

Watch these videos to learn more about registering with Schedule Builder.


  • Confirm the browser is set to allow pop-ups from the CUNYfirst site.
  • Schedule Builders does not automatically enroll you in the classes you select. To fully enroll you into the classes, you must click Get This Schedule located on the bottom of the Calendar View to see the classes you have chosen and click Do Action to fully enroll into these classes for the upcoming term.
  • Adding a class to your shopping cart does not hold an open seat. To complete the registration, click Do Action. Repeat as necessary until you have completed your registration.
  • Schedule Builder Glossary (PDF)
  • Student Guide to Schedule Builder (PDF)
  • Advisor Guide to Schedule Builder (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Schedule Builder?

Schedule Builder is a tool that allows students to plan their class schedule and register for classes for the upcoming semester. With this tool, students can arrange selected courses into conflict-free timetable options, making it easier to see what available options best fits into their personal and academic lives.

How do I access Schedule Builder?

Current students must log into their CUNYfirst account with their credentials and go to their Student Center. On the Student Center landing page, click on the “Schedule Builder” tile in order to access the Schedule Builder application.

Does Schedule Builder automatically enroll me in the classes I select?

No. To fully enroll you in classes, you must click “GET THIS SCHEDULE” located on the bottom of the Calendar View to see the classes you have chosen. Then click “DO ACTIONS” to fully enroll into these classes for the upcoming term.

Can I swap classes using the Schedule Builder application?

Yes, you can swap classes in the “Select Courses” section by selecting “Drop Course” in the drop-down menu under the course that you wish to drop. Make sure that you have the new course selected on your schedule before you select “Get This Schedule.” The action next to the dropped class on the confirmation page will indicate that you are swapping the dropped course for the class that you are enrolling in.

What does “locking” a class do?

An adviser will “lock” a class in order to make registration in that class mandatory as a condition for enrollment. If a course is “locked” on a student’s schedule, the student will be unable to register for any courses without enrolling in the “locked” class.

What if I do not have a set degree plan?

You should first consult with an academic adviser. While doing that, you are still able to search and select courses manually in the “Select Courses” section.

Will I be alerted if I am registered from a wait-listed class?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Is there a limit to what you can put in your shopping cart?

There is no limit to courses that can be added to the shopping cart. However, be mindful of your credit limitations when registering for classes.

If the system times out, will I lose all the classes I added to my shopping cart?

The system will recall only registered courses or schedules that have been saved under “Favorites.” Be sure to save your preferred schedule(s) intermittently as you navigate through Schedule Builder.

Will my ePermit courses be visible in Schedule Builder?

Registered courses from all CUNY colleges are visible in Schedule Builder.

Why am I unable to enroll?

There are a few conditions that would prevent a student from enrolling in a course:

  • If a class section is full, then no further enrollment will be allowed.
  • If there are still prerequisites or corequisites needed to add the course.
  • If you attempt to enroll in courses beyond your credit limit.
  • If certain class sections are reserved for students in specific programs.
  • If you have a negative hold on your account.

Where do I go for help?

If you are unable to log in to CUNYfirst, contact the Help Desk at 718.951.4357 or via e-mail.

If you need help with registration, e-mail the Enrollment Services Center.

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