Office of Facilities

The mission of the Office of Facilities is to ensure that the buildings and grounds of Brooklyn College continue to be as efficient and beautiful as when the college campus was constructed in 1930.

Composed of 15 buildings spread over 35 acres, the campus is one of the largest in the City University of New York. The office and its highly skilled staff renovate and refurbish classrooms, laboratories, and offices. They safeguard the original architectural splendor of the Brooklyn College Library while, at the same time, installing the latest technology and academic research services. The office’s grounds crew cultivates the landscaped grounds and attends to the health of the campus’ many plantings and garden features.

Work Requests

You may submit or check on the status of a work request through the WebCentral Portal.


If you become aware of a facilities or security emergency, immediately call the appropriate 24×7-staffed telephone numbers:

  • Facilities emergency—718.951.5885
  • Security emergency—718.951.5511 (or dial 911 on your campus phone)

Do not e-mail or go online to submit a Work Request. An emergency typically involves imminent harm to people or infrastructure. Not sure? Better to call to be on the safe side!

Examples of Facilities Emergencies

  • An active water leak from any source
  • A stuck or nonworking elevator
  • Water or other slipping hazard on floors
  • Smoke or gas smell
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Something dangling that could imminently fall and injure a passerby
  • A tripping hazard
  • Possible bedbug sighting
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Failure of heating or cooling that protects sensitive equipment or experiments

Examples of Security Emergencies

  • Someone is sick or injured
  • Someone is spotted on campus with a deadly weapon
  • Someone is harassing or threatening others
  • Someone is trapped in a confined space
  • A possible fire

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