The department offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree, where you can focus on finance and investments.


The undergraduate program in finance prepares students for professional positions with many Wall Street firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase. The program also prepares students for finance positions in mutual funds, securities firms, commercial and investment banks, brokerage firms, investment advisory services, and other financial institutions. Students who graduate with a finance degree may also choose to enter the finance and treasury departments of nonfinance corporations, nonprofit institutions, and governmental agencies. The Department of Finance also offers minors in finance and financial planning. Students who intend to do future graduate study in finance or business are strongly advised to take advanced courses in mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and computer science in their undergraduate program.

7th Annual Summer Financial Careers Academy


University Affiliation Program

Brooklyn College is a member of the University Affiliation Program.

Academic institutions that embed a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK)—including the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct—into their curriculum may be eligible to participate in the University Affiliation Program. An Affiliated University’s curriculum is also aligned to the practice of investment management and is helpful to students preparing for CFA® exams.

As a UAP member, the Brooklyn College finance department can award a certain number of CFA Student Scholarships. Upon approval, the CFA Program enrollment fee ($350) is waived, and the exam registration is reduced from $900 to $350.

As of Mar 1, 2023, only 270 U.S. universities (762 worldwide) are included in the prestigious UAP program. For further information, visit the CFA Institute.


Email Professor Moonsoo Kang for additional information about the CFA program and scholarship approval.

Email Professor Seungho Baek for information about other types of CFA scholarships available to Brooklyn College students.

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