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BCCC-CURE Seminar (Brooklyn College Cancer Center CommUnity Outreach, Research and Education), March 5th online.

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  2. J.M. Caviglia. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Old and New Disease Mechanisms.

Student Presentations

Tufts University Research and Data Symposium for Food and Nutrition, March 1-4 online.

  1. L. Galitzdorfer. (2021). Understanding Facilitators and Barriers to Dietary Self-Management among Hispanic Men with Type 2 Diabetes: Perceptions of Health Professionals. Virtual oral session. Mentor: M Fuster.
  2. K. Halvey. (2021). Exploring the Relationship between the Restaurant Nutrition Environment & Menu Pricing at NYC Hispanic-Caribbean Restaurants: A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Analysis. Virtual oral session. Mentor: M Fuster.

Guest Editor

  1. X. Jiang. Nutrients special issue: Nutritional Epidemiology in China.